Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Raw Green Tripe

Whole Dog Journal said it best in their July 08 article "How Green is Your Tripe":
"Ewwww! What's that awful smell? If your dog thinks it's the most exciting thing you've ever put in a bowl while you gag and hold your breath, it's probably green tripe..."
But what is raw green tripe? Tripe is the stomach of ruminating animals. The food this animal eats goes through an incredible digestion process that creates an ample amount of gastric juices, amino acids and digestive enzymes. Essentially - it opens the door for your dog to fully benefit from the food he eats.

We try to incorporate raw green tripe/organ blend 3-4 times per week into our dogs' diets as their muscle meat and organ portion of their raw meal plan. Stinky? Very much. Beneficial? Even more than the stinky!

Teeth, digestion, jaw muscles, coat, eyes... raw green tripe promotes total health!
See: Nutrient Breakdown

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