Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Haul

Anytime I see a sale at the butcher, meat distributor or take a trip to the Rt. 107 slaughterhouse is cause for celebration my house! Time to stock up!

This past week our local meat distributor (who specializes in local, grass fed fare) had a beautiful sale on halved fryers, beef chuck and veal patties. Chicken livers hearts and gizzards, beef kidneys, and pigs feet are usually pretty cheap so I also stocked up on those.
Nature's Variety was kind enough to send a few coupons when I requested, so we got to pick up some lamb medallions as well.

What does all this look like?

(complete with labeled zip lock baggies!)

Fryers, halved, then hacked with cleaver to weigh, bag and freeze portions better

And my over full freezer

Life is good.

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