Thursday, June 11, 2009

Raw vs. Dry Protein

When I first discovered Orijen I was so excited about the ingredients and nutrients! It was the answer to many a food quandary up until that point. Going grain free really helped pushed me towards feeding a raw diet, as well.

I think it was their "Biologically Appropriate"-ness that had me.

Yet, something always bothered by about the sky high protein analysis of foods like Orijen and EVO, compared to raw foods in the pure form.

Kibble like EVO and Orijen are so high because if you look at the dry matter basis of raw food the protein content is much higher. Since kibble is severely lacking in water that's where you get the high protein numbers. Raw food is mostly water which brings those percentages down.

For comparison:
Orijen 6-Fresh Fish
44% protein (min)
10% moisture (max)

Acana Pacifica
33% protein (min)
10% moisture (max)

EVO Small Meat Red Bites:
42.42% protein (min)
7.50% moisture (max)

Wellness Core Ocean
34% protein (min)
10% moisture (max)

Canidae Grain Free ALS
34% protein (min)
10% moisture (max)

Raw proteins:
Green Tripe (per 1oz):
14.56% protein
81.43% water

Large Raw Egg (per gram):
12.58% protein
75.84% water

Beef Liver (per 1oz):
20% protein
68.99% water

Herring (per 100g):
17.96% protein
72.05% water

Beef Heart (per 1oz):
28.23% protein
65.15% water

Chicken, whole with bone and skin (per 1oz):
25% protein
59% water

Find other protein/water percentages through the USDA calculator

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