Friday, May 29, 2009

Food Trial : Acana Pacifica

I understand that not everyone can, or will, feed raw. I am sometimes asked for food recommendations, and the only true way to give a recommendation is to have my dogs try the food and pan the results (stool, digestibility, coat, skin, etc).

Before starting a new food, it is desired that you go through a transition period to ensure that there will be no severe GI upsets.

My dogs' food trials are set up such that a true outcome can be seen without GI upset due to lack of transition. My dogs will eat a total raw diet for up to 2-3 weeks, then after 12-16 hours of their last raw meal, they are given their first kibble meal. In this way, we get to see immediate results from their consumption of the food. After two weeks, we truly see what effects, if any, a particular food has on their entire system.

Our first kibble review: ACANA PACIFICA

- Absolutely free of chicken, beef or grains. Passed the allergen test with my female!

- We choose kibbles that are grain free, or have low-allergen grains.
ACANA PACIFICA is a grain free food [ingredients here].

- This food is also moderately low in carbohydrates with a moderately high protein level.
I try to stick with foods with a protein level between 28-34%.
ACANA PACIFICA has a 33% protein level.

- This food has a nice variety of fish proteins (salmon, herring, flounder) all fresh caught, regional, fit for human consumption and are ETHOXYQUIN FREE per manufacturer statement.

- ACANA PACIFICA boasts an ALL LIFE STAGES feeding regimen. Levels of protein, calcium, phosphorous, and calories should always be considered before giving to just any dog at any life stage.

- Zero GI upset and maintained a nice coat/skin without supplementation (fish oils, etc).

I would recommend this food.


  1. I know this is an old post of yours and you might never even see my comment - but thank you very much for doing this review. I've home cooked for my two bichons for a long time now and think it is about time they had some crunchy kibble to give their teeth a change from the tuna and rice/veg that I have been cooking for them.

    I've ordered some of this Acana Pacifica now

  2. I'm glad it was helpful for you!

    I convinced my mom to put her rat terrier (with a dandruff problem) on this kibble too. Her coat is amazing now!

  3. We have 2 english bulldogs and are feeding them the pacifica . they have greaty coats and no skin problems what so ever .

  4. That's fantastic, Larry!!

    I've heard that the bully type dogs are hard to keep their coat healthy - I'm glad this works for you!

  5. I have three Labradors, ages 14, 1 1/2, and 12 weeks. I have had the two older dogs on this food for about 6 months now and have switched over the pup to it when we brought her home from the breeders. They ALL have amazing coats, shiney, soft and beautiful. Even the old guy. I wish I had known about this product sooner and gotten the old guy on it years ago. It may have helped keep his joints in better shape. I would Highly recommend this product to anyone with a dog with coat problems or allergies. My 1 year old has an allergy to wheat products which give her dandruff, it is all gone now and she is Beautiful. Try it, What have you got to lose. Plus this food is very nutricious and so your do will use smaller amounts to get their daily needs, resulting in smaller meals, smaller stools. Good all round.

  6. How much should i feed my 9 month old mini schnauzer? She weighs 5.5 kilos now and after a month of feedibg her Acana Pacifica she gained by 1.5 kilos.
    Want to know how much should i feed her... ty

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