Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Philosophy and Diet

Learning about canine nutrition has been a whirlwind experience. Everyone you ask will tell you some differences in opinion. Every different opinion is based on something different... wives tales, habit, science, developing science, intuition, personal experience..

I care for two healthy, adult shiba inus. One has a stomach of steel (unless approached by a stranger!) and the other has dietary restrictions.

Commercial dog foods have had a rough road to recovery and triumph since the 2007, and subsequent, recalls. And since then - I've had a hard time trusting commercial kibbles. After the recalls, I started to search for alternative feeding styles and stumbled upon raw diets and home prepared meal plans. I learned how to read dog food labels, what the nutrients mean, how much of certain nutrients dogs need in their diet, how deficiencies are created, and how to fulfill these without solely relying on what is on the pet food shelves.

I hope to share some canine food combination's on this blog with this disclaimer: I AM NOT a professional or certified for canine nutrition. The following posts will be foods prepared and fed as part of a diet that is closely monitored by myself and a holistic veterinarian for balance lest any deficiencies are created in the short or long term. Before switching your dog to any diet, please perform the research necessary to understand WHY you will be feeding what you do, and HOW to create total wellness in your dog.. because in the end, they are what they eat.

Thank you.


  1. I'm so glad you started this blog Jen! I know many people have been wanting to pick your brain for awhile now :)

  2. Is that so? :)
    Well I hope I can provide some insight into different methods of feeding, etc.