Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pre-made Raw Diets

So you're considering raw, but the research of preparing a home based prey model or BARF diet seems a bit too much right now. Then you find that some companies have already done the work of creating a balanced raw diet for you.

Enter Pre-Made Raw Diets.

There are benefits to these diets, especially when first starting out on raw (research!) before you have a solid plan for availability of protein and bone sources, and subsequent diet balances.. you can rely on the "Complete and Balanced" claims on the bags of *most* pre-made raw. Though, to create a "Complete and Balanced" diet, many pre-made raw diets rely on BARF methodology and include things like vegetables, fruit, yogurt, honey and herbs into their formulas. Read a BARF rebuttal here.

The downside? Premades tend to be high in bone content (if not supplemented with raw meaty meats), the expense, the lack of dental health promotion, and no physical/mental stimulation (if not supplemented with whole raw meaty bones).

Some companies that offer Pre-Made Raw Diets:
Nature's Variety
Primal Pet Foods
Oma's Pride
Northwest Naturals Dog Food

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