Monday, September 28, 2009

Science Fiction

Science Diet is a food I frequently hear people discuss on a few varying levels.
Level one is DIE HARD - Like trekkies or ringers, except for Science Diet.
Level two is the misinformed do-gooder.
Level three is the holistic minded skeptic.
Level four is the raw feeder.

Hi, and welcome to a level four discussion.

Science Diet published a page on their lovely website entitled: Bones and Raw Food Flaws. One has to imagine that they are either threatened by consciously dedicated raw feeders, or feel that their food is truly superior than Nature's Science (aka the raw food diet).

Lets tackle their concerns, shall we?

* There is no scientific data to support beliefs commonly held by supporters.

The explanation is simple : FUNDING. Who funds nutrition based experiments/tests at prominent veterinary universities? Science Diet. Purina. Pedigree. Why on earth would they lend money to researches collecting scientific data on a raw food diet? You would find out that corn starch and hydrolyzed chicken matter do not stand up well next to pure enzymes and amino acids in the fight against skin allergies.
Look, Science Diet, we're only doing what nature instructed us to do for thousands of years, and nature accomplished this without funding, formed data and peer reviews.

Published Bones and Raw Food (B.A.R.F.) recipes contain excessive levels of Key Nutritional Factors, for example: protein, calcium and phosphorus for an adult dog or cat.1

For this, Science Diet sites: 1. BillinghurstI. Give Your Dog a Bone. Alexandria, Australia: Bridge Printery, 1993. SchulzteKR. The Ultimate Diet. Descanso, California: AffenbarInk, 1998. VolhardW, Brown K. The natural diet. The Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog. New York: Howell Book House, 1995; 167-190

Perhaps they do appear excessive based on studies founded on dry dog food. Ignoring the importance of moisture vs. protein, and calcium:phosphorus ratio rather than amount.
Since we're on Dr. Ian Billinghurst, let's examine some of his 'recipes'. Hmm, looks pretty good to me considering the recommended daily amounts for adult maintenance.

* Food poisoning is an obvious safety concern
for animals eating raw foods and owners feeding raw foods.2

You are right, Science Diet - food poisoning is indeed a concern which is why I don't rub the raw beef on my face before I feed it, just like your specialists probably don't before they cook it for themselves. Actually, our routine goes like this:
A. Retrieve labeled, packaged portions from freezer and thaw.
B. Place food before dog on a designated 'raw towel' and let dog eat.
C. Take up towel to be stored until tomorrow
D. Wash hands thoroughly

Over a year and I'm still not sick. And neither are my dogs, who have a shortened digestive tract and lysosomes on their side.

* Pets eating B.A.R.F. diets or other raw food diets are at increased risk
for intestinal obstruction, fractured teeth and gastrointestinal perforation.3

True, though pets inhaling dry kibble also have high risk for chocking and intestinal obstruction.. same as when a dog chews up a tennis ball and swallows the pieces. More alarming is the reality of pets eating Science Diet that are at increased risk for suppressed immune system, allergies, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, smell, etc.

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