Saturday, September 26, 2009

The reason I'm horrible at updating..

I plan to keep updating this blog very soon. I'm concluding a study on gluten intolerance and its effect on the canine system, as well as natural internal parasite eradication (mainly, tapeworm).

This nutritional journey has really opened my eyes to a whole world of natural well being and prevention through what we consume and what our body can break down and utilize from that which is consumed. For the past 21 days, I have been meat-free and I feel absolutely wonderful. It's like seeing daylight for the first time - a whole new chapter in my understanding of nutritional make up and comprehension. In making the change to vegetarianism, the dogs have certainly benefited! All the meat in my freezer went to them, including a whole duck and cubed venison.

To add to nutritional understanding and content, I may begin including recipes that I try that achieve a complete meatless meal criteria, like this Chickpea Soup for the [vegan] Soul that I added spinach to:

So bear with us, we'll be back very soon!

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