Thursday, July 16, 2009

Verve with Sardines and Chicken Feet

I am a huge advocate of a dog's (and cats!) diet consisting of zero to very minimal grains. Mainly, dog's just don't seem to have what it takes (like a herbivore) to successfully mash and fully digest grains, especially in a non-cooked form. You will see evidence of this in their stool. Overly large, voluminous stool indicates a low digestion rate, and whole grains or vegetation visible in stool indicates the same thing.

Also, dogs tend to have sensitivities and outright allergies to certain grains and grasses. My Tsuki has a very profound reaction to any food containing corn. Many dogs cannot tolerate wheat (gluten) or soy. Some have issues with oats or barley, etc.

For good measure, we decided to try The Honest Kitchen's VERVE.
Organic rye, organic barley, hormone-free beef, organic flaxseed, organic oats, carrots, alfalfa, potatoes, eggs, red and green bell peppers, spinach, apples, cranberries, chicory, parsley, peppermint and rosemary.
Nutrient Analysis (as served, without additives):
Protein - 10.835%
Fat - 4%
Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio - 1.6 : 1
Moisture - 75%

To this, for my dog's meal, we added 3 canned (in water, no salt) sardines each, and 2 chicken feet (raw) each.

They ate it with enthusiasm! However, as suspected with the grain intake, it was evident not a lot of digestion took place with the grains (large, detailed stool!). However, my Tsuki who has several grain sensitivities, did NOT have any reaction to this meal.

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