Monday, July 27, 2009

Update on 'Easy Summer Treat'

Last week I posted about an Easy Summer Treat, freezing baby food and letting your dog lick it out of the jar.

I tried this over the weekend, previous to this I emptied the contents of the jar into a kong and let my dogs go to town, but this time I just froze the glass container:

The dogs were doing GREAT with them, no attempts at chewing the glass, no tongue-to-pole situations... and yet still my husband freaked out because of how dangerous it could be.

While I'm not seeing the danger here, I've agreed to post a semi-retraction of the claim that you should remove lid, freeze in jar then serve. As a precaution, stick to pouring baby food in a Kong then freezing, or do what I did after my husband's tantrum - pour the baby food into an ice cube tray for fun after-humid-summer-walks-treats!

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