Tuesday, April 6, 2010

treats | fruitables

Fruitables - these things smell so good, that you can eat them (I didn't... but I'm just sayin). And they're an adorable flower shape.

I got these as a buffer for when we do longer hikes between meals.You will see they are packed with carbs -

Pumpkin, Organic oatmeal, Pearled barley, Whole ground potatoes, Oat fiber, Canola Oil (with mixed tocorpherols, a natural preservative), Organic cane molasses, Blueberries, Cinnamon, Vanilla

You can now get a bag from bestbullysticks! Tell um shibaslave@gmail.com sent ya!


  1. Okay!
    These are so cute and I love the ingredients.
    Going to get some!
    Thanks for sharing such great tips on what we can feed our fur-babies! Doogan...my Wheaten Terrier...is featured on Blooming on Bainbridge if you want to take a peek!
    Made Doogan and egg with a thin slice of canadian bacon for breakfast! He is obsessed with eggs!
    Happy Day!
    Doogan sends wags!

  2. Dude, I might pick some up and have Koji share. I mean, the ingredients look like things I'd eat, I don't see why not. ;) I sometimes snack on homemade treats I make for Koji, so long as I didn't put in bullion where it shouldn't be (like the pb cookies...)

  3. Heh, I did eat a couple when I bought them cause they smelled so nummy. Dogs liked them too :)