Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I find two (unsupported by documentation or scientific) reasons why my dogs eat grass.

1. they enjoy it (kitsu almost looks zen munching on grass!)
2. they have to barf (expel excess mucus, bile, and other impurities)

I also have heard that there are other benefits as grasses act as an internal cleanser and a sort of herbal medicine.

Dr. Patty of Dolittler/Fully Vetted gave these reasons:
 #1 The vitamin and mineral theory: As in, they’re not getting enough, therefore they consume grass.

#2 The roughage theory: Because dogs need some cellulose in small quantities to aid in bacterial digestion (sort of like a prebiotic), they sometimes consume the green stuff by way of reestablishing bacterial homeostasis.
#3 The vomiting theory: To raise a little bile when something didn’t go down just right, the nausea-inducing properties of grass are well-documented. Just eat a handful yourself if you don’t buy this logic.
#4 The angry tummy theory: If you had some excess gastric acid, maybe a little esophageal reflux and no prehensile thumbs with which to grab a bottle of Tums or a little Pepcid AC, you might just eat grass, too.
#5 The hungry dog theory: Some dogs just like it. Period. We all know a few who doubtless do.

either way I like them to have it if they need it and I planted some organic 'cat grass' for them this year because I can never guarantee that the grass in our yard is worm guts/bird poop/chemical free.

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