Thursday, February 4, 2010

How a raw feeder spends her tax return...

By purchasing a meat grinder, y'all.

I am officially one of the weirdest people I know. Instead of going out to dinner or whatever normal people do, a portion of my tax return is going towards something I've wanted for almost two years.

Cabela's® Heavy-Duty Meat Grinder
The powerful 400-watt/120-volt motor in the Cabela's Heavy-Duty Grinder is capable of grinding more than 2 lbs. per minute to make quick work of a lot of meat. And unlike most grinders, it has an all-metal head and tray, instead of plastic, for greater durability. Metal cutting knife and grinding plates in three sizes (3mm, 4.5mm and 8mm) produce coarse- or fine-ground meat. Forward add reverse. Imported.
Protect your grinder with this tough canvas cover. It will keep dust and dirt from collecting on your appliance.

Look out veal shoulders! Watch your back, pork necks! I'll be grinding you soon.  

(**A word about grinding.. I do not believe grinding size appropriate bones for your dogs beats letting them rip, tear, grind and crunch raw meaty bones on their own.  For my shibas [18 & 24lbs] I will not, not, not be grinding anything they handle themselves [chicken cuts, turkey necks, lamb cuts, fish, goat, et al] but I will be grinding cuts I wish they could handle, but cannot [veal shoulders, pork necks]. I plan to grind more for the puppy @ 14wks old until his adult teeth come in, then he will be able to tackle meaty bones on his own)

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  1. Uh, I don't know what happened to my comment, but cool beans on the toy.