Monday, December 21, 2009

To dress or not to dress...

the fish? Most people dress it, but I think the dogs prefer it au naturale.

Dressed Smelt

I often search grocery store aisles for decent deals on both canned (in water, no added salt) and fresh fish. Not every fish should be fed (or consumed by you!) but many are safe.
I've heard way too many questionable things about farmed fish, or wild caught salmon that I tend to steer clear of many larger, 'popular' fish. However, my dogs do get a Wild Caught Salmon Oil capsule a few times a week.

There are several kinds of fishy treats for dogs, including the Herring by Snacks 21 and Grizzly NuTreats Salmon.

Our dogs get a mixture of Jack Mackerel, Sardines, Smelt (not as often), Anchovies & occasionally Trout (when in season). Most canned products have loads of extra salt, but I have been able to find a few companies that only can in water with no salt (look at the ingredients!). Jack Mackerel is harder to find without salt, so I feed that very seldom.

In the fresh variety, I have been able to find whole anchovies, some whole smelt. Mostly, the smelt and trout are 'dressed', aka 'cleaned & gutted'.
At this point, the dogs are not getting the full nutritional benefit of a whole fish (bones, organs) just the skin and flesh.
It isn't ideal, but at least its a part of a larger variety of raw meat protein sources for them in their raw diet. My goal is to find and feed whole raw fish at least once a week.

Some other items I've been able to find (whole) and feed: prawns, squid, fish heads


  1. You're lucky that they eat fish, Akira is really picky and won't eat raw fish even if he used to eat fish kibble and treats!

  2. Mine don't seem all that interested in eating raw fish. I have some undressed smelts, and I have to cut those up in tiny pieces and hide them in some other meat or Honest Kitchen mix, and then she eats it fine. I do give the sardines in water, and Ike turns his nose up at those also (but he loves fish kibble). I'm envious yours go right for it. Good training and a patient mommy I guess!